Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No News Is Good News

Nothing to report. Everything is working good. Drive to work...plug it in. Drive home...plug it in.

I have been meaning to double check all the battery connections to make sure they are tight - maybe this week yet. I would hate to have a bad connection a scorch a terminal.

My accessory battery charger works great.
My traction pack chargers work great.
My dual controllers work great.
My undersized, poor little SEPEX motor hasn't gone up in smoke yet.

1589 km (987 miles) on electricity so far....

What else can I say?


  1. Awesome project! I appreciate all of your information you have left. Very cool car by the way. I hope to complete a conversion of my own someday.

    1. Thanks! Just send me an email if you ever have any specific questions. I would be glad to help.