Saturday, December 31, 2011

The EV Build Has Begun

It's official. I am building an electric car. This blog is basically a copy of my build thread found HERE.

For those of you who aren't forum members at (which is basically everyone I know), this blog is for you.

The point of this build is to make an EV on a very tight budget and have fun while doing it. But with a tight budget in EV building comes the necessity for very low goals. A super fast EV with a ridiculously long range is possible, but requires massive amounts of money - $20K or more. My EV will [hopefully] cost around $2000 (including the price of the car) and will get me to work and back - 6.5 km each way on 60 km/h roads. My top speed goal is 80 km/h with a total range of 25 km.

Here is the glider: a 1992 Mazda MX-3 Precidia. Not the prettiest car, but it was $400 and falls well within the budget constraints of such a project.
She's a beauty, hey?

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