Saturday, October 13, 2012

First Test Drive Fail

Yes, there was a first test drive. But first, an update.

Battery cables + traction wiring - DONE
Rear battery pack venting pipes - DONE
TPS + control system wiring - DONE
Vacuum pump + vacuum pump wiring - DONE
Motor field control wiring - ALMOST DONE.

And this leads us to this morning's test drive attempt. Key switch on, all systems go. Put it into reverse to back off the ramps. Car lurches forward. Huh? Scratch head. Put it into first and the car backs off the ramps. Put it into reverse and drive forward back up onto the ramps.

Hmmm... So it has one forward gear and five reverse gears. I messed up somewhere. And my field interrupt relay welded itself closed, so power is always going to the field windings even with the key off and foot off the go pedal (until I remove the relay).

I have a good idea of what I did backwards but I will have to update later.

Here's a schematic of the field wiring. A pretty high tech drawing, I know.

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  1. It would be preeeetty cool if your car was electric AND drove should probably have left it that way.