Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Battery Pack

My new battery pack is amazing!

I got all the batteries installed at work today. It required a few new battery cables because the posts are located differently on these new ones. To clear things up, I am using three of my original AGMs with nine new AGMs, a Paccar/TRP rebadged Deka 8A27M.

Let me just say that I cannot believe what a difference it made. I can accelerate...well....like a "normal" car while voltage sags to maybe 69V where it used to go to 62-63 before. As a matter of fact, during my long wide open throttle hill climb on the way home, system voltage never fell below 67V (11.2V/battery, 1.86VPC). I reached 60 km/h on the hill in second where I used to reach 55 km/h. With the old pack I could go into 3rd and "amp" my way up to 60 km/h so I can't imagine what the eBooger will be able to do now if I really want to torture the new pack and do the same.

All 12V pairs stayed dead even with each other. Plus, there was no degradation of performance by the time I got home.


Next I fully turn my attention to my PWM field controller.

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