Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adding Up Costs

Time to tally up how much this all really cost me.

Original Performance Goals

Top speed: 80 km/h
Range: 25 km
Budget: $2000

Well, lets just say I blew the budget on this one. But I think I ended up with a car that is proportionally better. The main budget offender was the batteries that I ended up buying. I originally thought I could get away with using free truck battery cores, but the Electric Booger just kept murdering them.

Total Costs

Car: $448
Controller: $358
Contactor: $48
USB Serial Adapter: $6
Vacuum Pump: $70
Volt Meters: $44
Motor: $463
Adapter Plate: $100
Adapter Plate Machining: $50
TPS, Fuses, Resistors, Vacuum Switch: $160
Battery Rack Steel: $70
Extension cords, battery hold downs, zip ties: $82
Relays, Connectors, terminals, wire, loom, etc.: $116
Field Controller system: $220
Chargers: $270
Batteries: $1491

TOTAL: $3996

Actual performance

Top Speed: 90 km/h - this is as fast as I have been, but I know it will go faster. Once the weather warms up and my batteries are more willing to comply with my demands, I will have to do an official top speed run.
Range: 30 km - just a guess, going by how it feels after 15 km (in winter with the heater running). I haven't tested this either. Do I really want to?

So I blew the budget....but I have been told by other EV conversionists that for an EV conversion under $4K, this one is quite good. I will just have to go along with that and agree!

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