Saturday, July 13, 2013

Plans For New Battery Monitoring System

It's time to upgrade my battery monitoring system for two reasons:

1) My current system is annoying to use. I have to reach over while I am driving to plug the voltmeter array in while I am driving. Not the safest thing ever.
2) One of the voltmeters on my current setup is dead, so it needs to be repaired anyway.

What I have planned is one voltmeter for system voltage (like I use already), and another switchable voltmeter for individual battery monitoring, both mounted in the dash panel. No reaching over - plugging in with one knee - holding the steering wheel straight anymore. A six position, two pole rotary switch will be used to toggle between each pair of batteries for monitoring.

Here is my current proposed wiring schematic:
All my bits are on order - eBay from China and Taiwan. Hopefully it will work!

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