Saturday, August 3, 2013

Motor Update

On Friday my new (to me) motor arrived. Right away I was able to start messing around with it. Here it is being powered up on the bench with 12 volts:

It spins much much faster than my sepex motor does unloaded, but series wound motors do that because of built in field weakening (something most DIY EVers take for granted!). And it spins backwards. Since it only has two power studs, this will require rewiring some of the internals to reverse the polarity between the armature and field.

Another concern is the tiny internal splines on the drive end. Check out how tiny they are:
The mating shaft is about 1/2" diameter at its smallest point. According to all my research, 50 ft/lbs of torque requires a shaft diameter of 0.55", so this would be iffy at best. One option here will be to bring the armature to my friend Matt (who is a machinist) so he can add a shaft on the end. This would be stronger and less difficult to adapt to my transmission input shaft.

Today I completely disassembled the motor:
After washing all the guk off the bits, this motor looks like it is in very good condition.

Here are the stator windings and armature:
Here are the stator windings and shoes installed in the case:
Here is the brush holder:
And here is what happened when I found some Cat yellow paint laying around:
I wish I would have done all this with my original motor instead of rushing to get the car on the road. It is making me appreciate what all goes on inside of these motors!

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