Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tachometer Virtues

Having a functional tachometer in an electric car is amazing. I cannot believe I didn't do this before. It makes driving 100% more enjoyable.

1. Downshifting without a clutch is now slicker than goose poop because you precisely know your "blip RPM". Try blipping the throttle on a motor that you cannot hear. That was me before. I suppose that for those who keep the clutch in their EV conversions this is not an issue.

2. I now have figured out my power curve and shift points. I used to guess before based on vehicle speed. Now I do not have to. Peak power is at 3400 RPM. I can tell because of the sudden slight lurch of power and drop in battery voltage (a few tenths of a volt) when the Alltrax reaches peak output voltage and goes into bypass (which is another reason I love my Alltrax controller, because it has an internal bypass making it nearly 100% efficient at peak output). It is pretty much out of steam by 4000 RPM. By 4500 RPM it is really not accelerating anymore. I can now shift by RPM instead of by vehicle speed.

As you can tell, the Electric Booger is running better than ever and I am very happy with it. Thanks again to my friend Darin (MetroMPG) for giving me this series wound motor. Well, "giving" is a strong word because the deal was that I now owe him a case of home made beer. So in my garage is 6 gallons of a very dark, highly hopped ale.

Here is my helper helping me mash the grain, making delicious, sweet, fermentable wort:

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