Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Parts & Bearing Solution

Today I picked up a whole bunch of parts at my US mailbox:

1. PB-6 potbox/TPS. It will work brilliantly for my purposes. The idle microswitch trips just off idle before the pot resistance starts changing. I will use this microswitch to turn the field power on and off (remember - I'm attempting to power a sepex motor with an Alltrax series/PM controller here!). This safety redundancy will ensure ultimate safety in case my Alltrax decides to weld itself into a closed circuit.

2. 2-400A fuses. One in the high amp wiring, one in the glovebox for backup.

3. Used Volvo vacuum pump. I already hooked it up to the eBooger's brake booster, gave it 12 volts and pumped the brake pedal repeatedly (and quickly). This vacuum pump easily keeps up (unlike my first vacuum pump attempt), so I won't even need to make a vacuum reservoir. On a gauge this pump quickly pulls 26.5"HG vacuum. That's 3.5"HG short of outer space, give or take!

4. Vacuum switch. It will tee into the brake booster vacuum supply and will turn the vacuum pump on and off through a relay. I tested it with a hand vacuum pump with gauge and it trips at about 20"HG. It's adjustable just in case.

5. Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof motorcycle boots. Has nothing to do with the eBooger but I am pretty excited about them!

I also finally finished my motor's bearing end cap. I used a piece of 3" hose, a couple of clamps and I hacked and welded on the outer dust cover off a Peterbilt rear shock absorber. I drilled and tapped it for a plug that will set the oil level in the cap and it can be rotated to adjust the final oil level once installed in the car. I filled it with a couple ounces of 15W40 diesel engine oil. After a few hours nothing leaked out.
My buddy Matt advised me to go with oil instead of grease to lube the end bearing because of the high speeds it will be spinning. Grease would probably just fling out, causing a dry bearing situation. Dry is bad.

Hopefully I will get this all home tomorrow and install the entire assembly in the car soon.

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