Sunday, January 13, 2013

Charging Problem Solved

The new chargers arrived from China the other day. What blew me away is that they shipped on Tuesday and arrived on Thursday. Two days from China - go figure.

This shows how small each charger is:
Some testing revealed that they work exactly like I want them to. They bulk charge to 14.7-14.8V, then absorption charge for about half an hour at this voltage, and then float at 13.6-13.7V. I measured them to be 75% efficient no matter what output current/voltage is at.

I fastened pairs together as "charger stacks". One stack is behind each seat and the other stack is on my control board under the hood.
Someone warned me not to stack them or they might overheat, but each of these chargers has a cooling fan. After a couple of hours of charging they are still cool to touch.

And here is a picture of something that I have yet to do with any of my chargers so far:
Float charge. Probably something that most other EV owners take for granted. I left them on float for about five hours to make sure the batteries were fully saturated and extra happy (for once).

Now my electric car charges up in less than half the time of my Mastercraft chargers because the current does not slow down as the battery voltage and resistance rises. Finally! A charging solution that works!

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